Kuslarla Yolculuk Episode 21 with English Subtitles

Watch Kuslarla Yolculuk Episode 21 with English Subtitles. You are watching Kuslarla Yolculuk Season 1 Episode 21 with English Subtitles & 1080p Ultra HD Quality free of cost. Fatih is a young and promising Turkish diplomat waiting to start his new oversea duty. When terrorists killed the district governor of Virankaya in Turkey, he change his mind and take the place of that governor.


Show Details:

Show Name:Kuslarla Yolculuk
Release Date:14th May 2020

Kuslarla Yolculuk History:

The series Kuşlarla Yolculuk (The Journey with Birds) is based on Farid al-Din Attar’s book Muntaq al-Tair (The Conference of Birds). The Kuşlarla Yolculuk series consists of 30 episodes. Farid al-Din Attar, a Persian, was born in 1145 and buried in Persia after his death in 1220 AD. Farid El Din Attar worked in his father’s pharmacy during his childhood and then began to travel, mainly in the Middle East. Farid al-Din Attar wrote poems on religious subjects throughout his life. The poems written by Attar bear traces of the Islamic Sufi movement. One of Farid al-Din Attar’s most famous works is The Bird Area. The logic of the bird begins with a compliment to Islam and the Prophet.


The subject of this work: the species of hoopoe, pigeon, pigeon, parrot, partridge, nightingale, peacock, tortoise, and hawk begin to talk to each other. These birds talk about the fact that each country has a padishah (king) and talk about the presence of a ruler in their birds. The modern hoopoe begins and mentions that the king of birds is a bird named Simorgh. But Simorgh lives very far away. All the hoopoe birds hear and prepare to go out into the street under his command. This road is very long and difficult. Other birds gradually give up, but the hoopoe convinces them.

The birds keep advancing. The hoopoe tells them that they have to cross seven valleys to reach Simorgh. these valleys; Pursuit, Love, Knowledge, Separation, Loneliness, Wonder and Poverty. Thousands of birds begin to encroach on these valleys. Some birds get sick, some are chased by other animals. Eventually thirty birds arrive at Simorgh and understand that they are Simorgh himself. Farid al-Din Attar’s book is full of symbols and messages with a lot of advice.

The continuation of the series is inspired by the valleys in Attar’s book. The traveler begins living in the lodge and experiences events inspired by these seven valleys. The events and examinations that take place in the hostel deeply affect the life of the traveler. One day the sheikh gets sick and the dervishes realize that he will die. The sheikh says you have to find yourself before you die before you find the truth.


Kuslarla Yolculuk Episode 21 Release Date and Time:

Pakistan14th May 2010:00 PM
India14th May 2010:30 PM
US14th May 201:00 AM
UK14th May 206:00 PM
turkey Turkey14th May 208:00 PM
UAE14th May 209:00 PM
KSA14th May 208:00 PM

Kuslarla Yolculuk Episode 21 With English Subtitles


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