Tozkoparan Iskender Episode 37 with English Subtitles

Watch Tozkoparan Iskender Episode 37 with English Subtitles. You are watching Tozkoparan Iskender Season 2 Episode 37 with English Subtitles & 1080p Ultra HD Quality free of cost. Iskender, a 12-year-old archer with extraordinary abilities, does not return from 2020 to the time he lived, the course of history will change.


Show Details:

Show Name:Tozkoparan Iskender
Release Date:16th Jan 2022

Tozkoparan Iskender History:

In the series, which is a sequel to Tozkoparan, Salih and Fikri traveling through time, they find that crows prevented Tozkoparan Iskandar from entering the archers’ inn and that Tozkoparan wasn’t there because Iskandar did not leave the village. To let Alexander into the Archers’ Inn, they go further and meet Alexander’s child model and after a while convince him to enter the Archers’ Inn. When the boy Iskandar becomes the darling of the inn, there is one person he doesn’t like: Cihangir. Cihangir is a Venetian spy whose real name is Giovanni and he wants to be the best at Tiki, be left-handed, and kill the Sultan.


Alexander completes his education in a short time and sets out to be left-handed with Saleh and Fikri. Meanwhile, Giovanni ambushed their way with his men. Saleh, Fikri, and Iskandar survived the conflict, but are unaware of Giovanni because he was not involved in the conflict. They take a break while they continue on their way. Here, Iskandar tells Idea that he’s always curious about the machine he’s carrying with him. Then the thinker opens the machine and shows it to him, and says that the machine is what brought them to this time, and also puts the stone, which is the main thing that makes the machine work.

As he displays them, Giovanni, taking the opportunity to stop them, throws an arrow at Alexander, but Alexander saves by bending down to look at the machine. Upon noticing the arrow, Saleh, Fikri and Iskandar hide behind the trees like Giovanni. After Giovanni and Salih talk from afar, Alexander sets out to retrieve the machine. Giovanni fires an arrow again, but this time he can’t kill Alexander, thanks to my thought, who grabbed him and rolled him on the ground. However, Giovanni’s arrow hit the machine and started the machine. As a result, Fikri, Saleh, Iskandar and Giovanni come to the future.

After winning the Blue Moon Alpine game, a classic match is given as a reward. They get on a private minibus to reach the Blue Moon righteous, but the person using that minibus sets a trap for Blue Moon and takes them to the bandit’s place. There Blue Moon comes face to face with the Timebreakers. Salih and Fikri find out where the Timebreakers are going and set a trap by taking them to another place. War and Dream goes with them. Later, Blue Moon learns that the time wasters are Claw. While Cenk and ─░skender are shooting arrows at each other, Mete, who plays the leading role in Tozkoparan, appears and bases them. Blue Moon knows Mete, Mete walked in front of Alexander without saying anything and said, you are Tozkoparan Alexander, the master of Tozkoparan. And at the end, there is the Dustkoparan sign between the neck of the meth.


Tozkoparan Iskender Episode 37 Release Date and Time:

Pakistan16th Jan 2210:00 PM
India16th Jan 2210:30 PM
US16th Jan 221:00 AM
UK16th Jan 226:00 PM
turkey Turkey16th Jan 228:00 PM
UAE16th Jan 229:00 PM
KSA16th Jan 228:00 PM

Tozkoparan Iskender Episode 37 With English Subtitles


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