Omar Series Episode 21 with English Subtitles

Watch Omar Series Episode 21 with English Subtitles. You are watching Omar Series Season 1 Episode 21 with English Subtitles & 1080p Ultra HD Quality free of cost. The life of Umar Ibn Al-Khattab, the second Caliph of Rashidun Caliphate, before and after he embraces in Islam.

Show Details:

Show Name:Omar Series
Release Date:9th Aug 2012

Destan History:

Omar or Omar Farouk, an Arabic historical drama series, a drama series produced and broadcast by MBC1 channel and directed by Syrian director Hatem Ali. The series, co-produced by Qatar TV, is based on the life of Omar Ibn Al-Khattab (also spelled Omar, c. 583–644), the second caliph of Islam, and depicts his life from 18 to his death.

The series has faced considerable controversy for its portrayal of Omar, Abu Bakr, Othman and Ali, the four rightly guided caliphs, along with other characters that some Muslims believe should not be portrayed, such as Mohammed. The series consists of 31 episodes and was originally shown in the month of Ramadan since July 20, 2012.

It was produced for 200 million Saudi Riyals and filmed in Morocco, mainly in the cities of Marrakech, Tangier and Casablanca. and Muhammadiyah. After the series aired on MBC, it was dubbed into multiple languages for its international airing and translated into English on YouTube. It had great support from many different Sunni scientific bodies and the people who observed it.

The series begins with one of the pilgrims of Caliph Omar, who gives speeches to the pilgrims. The next scene comes with the exploration of the Caliph in Mecca, as he emotionally looks back on his 18-year life as a young boy working with his impudent father, Khattab ibn Nouvel. A flashback to Omar reveals the story of his entire past life, from his days as a wrestler, businessman and most importantly he was one of the leaders of the Quraish, to his life after his conversion to Islam as one of the closest companions and Muhammad is extremely loyal. A believer is a bold inspiration to all contemporary Muslims and a brave warrior in all contemporary Islamic battles. The story revolves across the Meccan victory, Muhammad’s death, Abu Bakr’s legacy as caliph and his death, and finally Omar’s legacy. From the viewer’s point of view, his legacy as caliph depicts autobiographical stories of the improvements and complications of his caliphate until his assassination at the hands of Abu Lulu.

Destan Episode 21 Release Date and Time:

Pakistan9th Aug 1210:00 PM
India9th Aug 1210:30 PM
US9th Aug 121:00 AM
UK9th Aug 126:00 PM
turkey Turkey9th Aug 128:00 PM
UAE9th Aug 129:00 PM
KSA9th Aug 128:00 PM

Omar Series Episode 21 With English Subtitles

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