Harun Al-Rashid Episode 22 with English Subtitles

Watch Harun Al-Rashid Episode 22 with English Subtitles. You are watching Harun Al-Rashid Season 1 Episode 22 with English Subtitles & 1080p Ultra HD Quality free of cost. Caliph Musa Al-Hadi decides to remove Harun Al-Rashid from the rule to be replaced by his own son Ja’far. Despite everyone’s objection, Haroun Al-Rashid agrees to step down in order to avoid tearing the nation apart and preserve its unity.


Show Details:

Show Name:Harun Al-Rashid
Release Date:17th May 2018

Harun Al-Rashid History:

The series deals with the struggle Harun Al-Rashid faced when his brother Al-Hadi tried to dethrone him. After his mother helped him stay in his position, he had to deal with all the plots that were coming his way. The show also examines the civilization under Harun Al-Rashid’s rule.


Al-Rashed became a prominent figure in Islamic and Arab culture and has been described as one of the most famous Arabs in history. All caliphs after him are his descendants. Regarding his conjecture, the famous scholar Moussalli said: Did you not see how the sun came out of its hiding place when Harun took over and flooded the world with light from his reign? , was its heyday, so this time was called the “honeymoon”.

Al-Rashid became the predecessor of the later Abbasid caliphs. Al-Rashid named his son Muhammad Al-Amin as his first heir. Mohammed has an older half-brother, Abdullah, the future al-Mamun (r. 813-833), who was born in September 786 (six months older than him). However, Abdullah’s mother was a Persian concubine, giving Muhammad’s pure Abbasid descent seniority over his half-brother. In fact, he was the only Abbasid caliph to claim this lineage. As early as 792, Harun had received Muhammad’s oath of allegiance (loyalty) in the name of Al-Amin (“Trustworthy”), making him his principal heir, while Abdullah was not named the second heir under the name Al-Ma’mun (“The trustee”). ) to 799.

He named his third son Qasim as the third heir, but never became caliph. Among his sons, Al-Amin became caliph after his death in 809. Al-Amin ruled from 809 to 813 until civil war broke out between him and his brother Abdullah Al-Mamun (the ruler of Khorasan). The reason for the war was that Caliph Al-Amin tried to depose Al-Ma’mun as his heir. Al-Ma’mun became caliph in 813 and ruled the caliphate for two decades until 833. He was succeeded by another son of Harun Abu Ishaq Muhammad (known as al-Mu’tasim), whose mother was Marida, a concubine.


Harun Al-Rashid Episode 22 Release Date and Time:

Pakistan17th May 1810:00 PM
India17th May 1810:30 PM
US17th May 181:00 AM
UK17th May 186:00 PM
turkey Turkey17th May 188:00 PM
UAE17th May 189:00 PM
KSA17th May 188:00 PM

Harun Al-Rashid Episode 22 With English Subtitles


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