Destan Episode 10 with English Subtitles

Watch Destan Episode 10 with English Subtitles. You are watching Destan Season 1 Episode 10 with English Subtitles & 1080p Ultra HD Quality free of cost. The epic love story of Akkiz, a warrior mountain girl, and disabled Prince Batuga, who were both orphaned by Gök Han in the 8th century in the harsh steppes of Central Asia.

Show Details:

Show Name:Destan
Release Date:08th Feb 2022

Destan History:

Destan is a Turkish historical drama series produced by Mehmet Bozdag, directed by Amir Khalilzad, Fethi Bayram, and Metin Günay, and written by Nehir Erdem and Aysha Ferda Erilmaz. The main roles are Ebru Sahin, Edip Tebeli and Selim Bayraktar. The plot is fictional and inspired by Turkish epics and not from historical reality. The show follows the epic love story of Akkiz, who is orphaned by the assassination of her father by Alpagu Khan, and Batuga, Alpagu’s disabled son, and their journey in pursuit of justice and revenge against Gök Khan.

The story takes place in the eighth century before the Turks converted to Islam. The story begins with Albago Khan, whose foot soldiers were killed by a China-led trap. After this betrayal, his brother Balamir Yapgu finds a note on a Chinese soldier stating that Albagu’s wife, Telsim Khatun, had betrayed him and that she and her father formed an alliance with China to destroy the Gok Khaganate. Upon learning of this, Alpagu killed Telsim Khatun, leaving his son Batuga orphaned.

During a Journey, Alpago Khan and the Alps are ambushed by a Chinese trap from which Albago emerges victorious for 249 Alps. Palamir Yapgu stumbles across a note on a Chinese soldier describing Telsim Hatton (Albago’s first wife) and her father Tuygar Khan as being responsible for informing China of Albago’s journey and thereby betraying Albagu. Alpago thus kills his wife Telsim, her father Twigar Khan and Evren Alp, the father of Akiz, ie the orphan of Akiz and Telsim and Albagu’s disabled son Batuga. Batuja then pretends to be insane to save himself from being killed by strangulation, and Akkiz swears revenge. Fifteen years later, Albagu arranged Batuja’s marriage to his cousin Kerchik, son of Balamir Yabgu. On the way to Kircicek’s orders, Alpagu is shot dead by Akkiz, leading to Dag Tribe, Akkiz, and several others raiding the prison. Akkiz and Batuga meet after a brief meeting 15 years ago, and Batuga tells Akkiz that he’s actually not crazy. Batuga eventually helps Akkiz escape from the Gok Palace.

Akkiz then revealed that she is a ‘two-headed wolf’s paw’ in front of the entire council because she was threatened by Batuja. Alpagu is about to execute Akkiz when Batuga explodes, reveals that he is not crazy, and finally speaks 15 years later. It was also revealed that Tilsim Bike and her father were not traitors but were cheated on by Ulu Ece, Alpagu’s first wife, out of their jealousy. Batuja and Akiz then escape from the palace and come into conflict with Albaghu Khan until he finally decides to make peace after Itpraclar’s arrival. Then Batoga finally manages to heal his disabled arm and feet and is the one who leads the war against the Itbraklars along with the Alpagu. The series ends with Akkiz and Batuga’s marriage and Batuga’s announcement on Yabgu of the West Gok Khanate. Then Batuga dies in the last episode, Ulu Es and Ulu Ess are killed by Akiz, and Timur Tejen dies with them.

Destan Episode 10 Release Date and Time:

Pakistan08th Feb 2210:00 PM
India08th Feb 2210:30 PM
US08th Feb 221:00 AM
UK08th Feb 226:00 PM
turkey Turkey08th Feb 228:00 PM
UAE08th Feb 229:00 PM
KSA08th Feb 228:00 PM

Destan Episode 10 With English Subtitles

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