Filinta Mustafa All Seasons With English Subtitles

Filinta Mustafa (Onur Tuna) is a young and successful police officer in the 19th century Istanbul, in the Ottoman era. He and his teammates are working hard to keep the peace in the streets of the Ottoman Empire. They are trying to catch the leader of the gun smuggling and organize intelligent plans to disclose the identity of this leader step by step. However, one day, Mustafa and his close friend Ali (Cem Ucan) find themselves in a big ambush planned by a wealthy merchant Boris (Serhat Tutumluer).
Boris, in fact, is the mafia leader who is behind these entire gun smuggling activities. But, nobody is actually aware of his illegal activities because Boris only works with his loyal men and kills others that know his identity.
Mustafa’s close friend Ali is killed in this ambush. While Mustafa feels sorry for not being able to save his friend, he finds himself in a desperate situation. Mustafa is accused of setting this ambush, killing Ali, and accepting brides from illegal activities.